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CMIG Drawin Launches Its First Prefabricated Construction Project in ...

Prefabricated project improves local conditions with world-leading construction technology

EKURHULENI, South Africa, Oct. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – China Minsheng Drawin Technology Group (CMIG Drawin), a unit of investment conglomerate China Minsheng Investment Group, has launched the John Dude New City project in South Africa’s Gauteng province, marking its initial entry into Africa’s affordable housing market, and the introduction of signature construction technology to the continent to help improving sustainable development of city construction in Africa.

Gauteng local residents tour around at the model houses at commencement ceremony.

CMIG Drawin will build 18,000 affordable homes, public leasing houses and commercial properties, and other public facilities in the John Dude New City, one of the 31 Mega City Projects launched in Gauteng that will improve infrastructure and create jobs for local residents.

The entire project will include properties built using CMIG Drawin’s ‘prefabricated construction’ technology in an area of 1,228 acres with total planned investment of US$ 2.45 billion. Except for a small number of technical management experts, 95% of the staff will be hired locally to provide more employment opportunities in South Africa.

‘We feel extremely honored to be able to participate in South Africa’s project to build more affordable housing,’ Jun Yin, CEO of CMIG Drawin said. ‘This feeds into our mission to build partnerships with BRICS countries, and is an affirmation of CMIG Drawin’s leading technology, which will be adopted in more projects in South Africa and in other overseas markets.’

Prefabricated construction allows standardized building parts to be made on production lines, before being moved to construction sites for assembly – a process that can be likened to building cars on an assembly line.

Compared with traditional construction methods, prefabricated construction is much more efficient, productive and eco-friendly, making it ideal for addressing South Africa’s housing shortages with the promise of greatly-shortened construction time.

‘The commencement of John Dude New City signified the officially activation of large scale urban projects in Gauteng’, David Makhura, the Governor of Gauteng Province, said. ‘which will bring even-increasing improvement to local residential district and space planning in order to achieve modernized and reindustrialized transition in our province.’

To better serve construction projects in South Africa, CMIG Drawin has signed framework agreements with subsidiaries of French construction group VINCI to jointly develop the prefabricated construction industry in South Africa, with John Dube New City being one of their first partnership projects. VINCI, ranked by Forbes in 2017 as the biggest listed construction firm by market value, will also adopt CMIG Drawin’s prefabricated construction techniques in other countries such as the Netherlands and New Zealand.

China Minsheng Investment Group

China Minsheng Investment Group (CMIG) is a leading international private investment group that utilizes its integrated resources and capital strength to prioritize and target emerging industries, build sustainable and strategic business models, and boost regional economic development. Headquartered in Shanghai, CMIG has outlets in major cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and London. CMIG was jointly established by 59 renowned private enterprises with registered capital of 50 billion yuan.

China Minsheng Drawin Technology Group Limited

China Minsheng Drawin Technology Group Limited (CMIG Drawin), a unit of CMIG, is a world-leading construction service provider that is setting an example of high-quality, eco-friendly, and efficient construction. Having applied for more than 1,300 patents, CMIG Drawin has developed five leading technology systems for building industrialization, and is actively cooperating with countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ route, seeking to use its leading construction technology to help those countries upgrade their industries.

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Mdantsane police in the Eastern Cape honours loyal service

Today medals for loyal service were bestowed on members for 10, 20 and 30 years of loyal service. The recipients were pleased for the recognition they received for being loyal and dedicated police officers. The Cluster Commander Major General Henry Vos delivered the keynote address at the parade and said that SAPS members must ensure that our citizens are safe and secure. He encouraged the members to work together with communities to curb crime, as crime knows no boundaries and affects all. He further indicated that police work is a calling that requires total dedication. He concluded by thanking members for being available whether on or off duty and for their passion in fighting crime.

Source: South African Police Service

Freedom Park honours Soviet Russian Heroes, 11 Oct

Freedom Park Receives the Names of the Soviet Russian heroes and heroines who fell in the South African Liberation struggle

Freedom Park will tomorrow Wednesday 11 October hold a ceremony to honour and pay tribute to the Soviet Russia people who contributed to the South African liberation struggle. The Russian Ambassador His Excellency Mikhael Ivanovich Petrakov, will hand over the names of the fallen heroes and heroines to Freedom Park CEO Jane Mufamadi.

As South Africa celebrates the centenary of Oliver Tambo, this event could not be more opportune. The event rekindles the close relationship these heroes and the entire Soviet Russia community had with the late struggle stalwart, Comrade Oliver Reginald Tambo.

This momentous event will be attended by Ambassadors and High Commissioners from other countries resident in Pretoria, government officials, officials from related institutions and Researchers.

Freedom Park is mandated to honour those who died in the struggle for freedom and humanity and to foster reconciliation, social cohesion and nation building in the country. This is better reflected in its memorialisation of over 85 000 heroes and heroines who perished in the eight conflicts that shaped South Africa we have today. These conflicts include pre-colonial wars, Wars of resistance Genocides, Slavery, First World War, Second World War, South African War and the Liberation struggle.

On the liberation struggle, Freedom Park narrated and exhibited the four pillars that defined people struggles against the most heinous and diabolic system called apartheid, correctly defined by the United Nations as a crime against humanity. The four pillars of the struggle against apartheid were: underground struggle, armed struggle, mass struggle and international solidarity.

Freedom Park, could not be more proud, to be the conduit of Soviet Russia political, social and economic footprints in the African continent. These names will remain an epitome and eternal testimony of true global diplomatic relations between Soviet Russia and South Africa.

Source: Government of South Africa

MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo briefs media on future of St Mary’s ...

KZN Health MEC to make big, final announcement regarding the future of St Mary's hospital

Hon. KZN MEC for Health Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo hosts media briefing to be held on Monday, 9 October 2017, where he will make an important announcement regarding the future of St Mary's Hospital. The announcement will be about the future of the physical building, employees and the land on which the hospital is situated.

Members of the Media are invited to be part of the walk-about as the MEC assesses the hospital � buildings and equipment. Thereafter there will be a media briefing and question and answer session.

Source: Government of South Africa

Two suspects arrested for murder in two unrelated cases

On Monday, 09 October 2017, a 21-year-old suspect is expected to appear at the Atamelang Magistrates' Court in connection with murder. The suspect's court appearance came after he was arrested on Friday, 06 October 2017 for the murder of a 30-year-old man. According to information received the two men were seen arguing on their way home. It is alleged that the suspect and the victim were from a local tavern and a fight ensured. The suspect assaulted the victim with stones and he had bruises on his body and blood stains on his mouth and ears. He was taken to a local clinic where he later died.

In another unrelated incident, a 27�year-old is expected to appear in the Ga-Rankua Magistrates' Court for murder of her 27 -year-old husband on Monday, 09 October 2017. According to information the woman and her husband were at the residential place when a fight started. Further information revealed that the couple were fighting over money that the husband left at the house. The wife used the money and the victim got angry when he came back and could not get the money. It is alleged the wife took out a knife and stabbed his husband three times on the stomach. The victim was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.

Source: South African Police Service

US Deaths in Niger Highlight Africa Military Mission Creep

NAIROBI/ABIDJAN U.S. special forces soldiers were with their counterparts from Niger on Wednesday in the West African nation's volatile southwest, a growing hot-bed of jihadist violence, when the report came in of a raid nearby.

The assailants were believed to be led by Dondou Chefou, a lieutenant in a new group operating along the Mali-Niger border and called Islamic State in the Greater Sahara. A decision was soon taken to pursue them.

The mixed force was ambushed by fighters on dozens of vehicles and motorcycles. Under heavy fire, U.S. troops called in French fighter jets for air support, but the firefight was at such close quarters that the planes could not engage and were instead left circling overhead as a deterrant.

The version of events, as told by two Nigerien and two Western sources briefed on the incident, shines a light on Washington's increasingly aggressive Special Forces-led counter-terrorism strategy in Africa and its risk of casualties.

Four U.S. soldiers died in the firefight, killed in a country where most Americans were unaware that their army is deployed but where Washington has steadily grown its presence.

One soldier's body was only recovered two days later.

At least four Nigeriens were also killed and, according to one Niger security source, militants seized four vehicles in the ambush. French helicopters, scrambled after the U.S. call for help, evacuated several soldiers wounded in the clash.

A diplomat with knowledge of the incident said French officials were frustrated by the U.S. troops' actions, saying they had acted on only limited intelligence and without contingency plans in place.

After initially offering only scant details of what happened in the Nigerien desert on Wednesday, the U.S. military's Africa Command said on Friday the soldiers were in the area to establish relations with local leaders.

"It was not meant to be an engagement with the enemy," AFRICOM spokesman Colonel Mark Cheadle told reporters. "The threats at the time were deemed to be unlikely, so there was no overhead armed air cover during the engagement."

U.S. forces do not have a direct combat mission in Niger, but their assistance to its army does include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in their efforts to target violent extremist organizations.

U.S. military deployments are on the rise in Africa.

In May, a U.S. Navy Seal killed in a raid on an al-Shabab militant compound in Somalia became the first U.S. combat death in Africa since the 1993 "Black Hawk Down" disaster in Mogadishu.

"Why Should We Die for This?"

In Niger, Washington has deployed around 800 soldiers, runs a drone base in the capital Niamey, and is building a second in Agadez at a cost of around $100 million.

U.S. Special Forces help local troops develop counter-terrorism skills to tackle threats from al-Qaida-linked groups, Nigeria's Boko Haram and Islamists who have pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

"It's a pretty broad mission with the government of Niger in order to increase their capability to stand alone and to prosecute violent extremists," the U.S. military's Joint Staff Director, Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, said on Thursday.

Washington has long seen the Sahel as a security threat but involvement increased in the wake of a 2012 occupation of northern Mali by Islamist militants.

France led an offensive against the Islamists a year later, and the U.S. government now provides logistical and intelligence support to a 4,000-troop French counter-terrorism operation in the region.

The U.S. military organizes an annual, high-profile U.S. drill as well as longer-term, more discreet training of regional forces. But experts say U.S. involvement in the fight does not stop there.

"It is likely that there are other operations going on aside from just the training operations," said Andrew Lebovich, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

In missions run out of a base in the northern Niger town of Arlit and others like the one that led to the ambush of U.S. troops, sources say they have helped local troops and intelligence agents make several arrests.

"It is discreet but they are there," a Nigerien security source told Reuters.

Analysts are awaiting the political fallout of Wednesday's ambush with some speculating it may spark a reversal of the U.S. stance on a new regional force - known as the G5 Sahel - which France is pushing but which Washington is cool on.

Others however like Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, a former top United Nations official in West Africa and Somalia, recall with concern the American pullout following the "Black Hawk Down" incident. Eighteen U.S. soldiers were killed when Somali militia shot down two helicopters in Mogadishu.

"In Somalia, they over-reacted and withdrew their troops ... My worry is that after this attack they will also over-react. Trump might just say 'Why should we die for this?' I hope they don't."

Source: Voice of America

SABC media report misleading

Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo has noted a misleading report by The Times Newspaper regarding appointments at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

The Times report alleges that President Zuma missed the deadline for appointing an SABC chief operating officer because none of the candidates met expectations.

This is a highly confused and misleading report, a statement issued by the Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) said on Friday.

On Thursday, Minister Dlodlo addressed a media briefing on the state of entities under her executive authority, where she indicated that the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) verification process was underway.

Once that is complete, the information will be sent to the President to enable him to make his final decision.

Regarding vacant executive management positions at SABC, the Minister said that she wanted to ensure that the people who are appointed in the positions of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer were of requisite skill and expertise.

She added that she needed turn around specialists at the entity and what she had been presented with so far did not meet that criteria, the GCIS said.

According to the department, the President is not involved in the appointment of executive management at the SABC, it is the board that recommends to the Minister who in turn makes the final decision on the appointments.

Source: South African Government News Agency

Minister Fikile Mbalula briefs media on Directorate for Priority ...

Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula will brief the Media tomorrow to introduce and announce the appointment of The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) Judge.

The vacancy of the DPCI judge became vacant following the passing of Judy Essa Moosa.

Source: Government of South Africa