05 June 2015 – Launch of small business support desks and opening of new Soweto branch

Johannesburg, 5 June 2015 – SARS Commissioner, Tom Moyane officially launched SARS’ specialised Small Business Support Desks and opened the Orlando East branch, the second SARS branch in Soweto today.

According to Commissioner Moyane: “The Small Business Desks, which are being rolled out at SARS branches around the country, were established as part of government’s commitment to support SMMEs and to make it easier for them to comply with their tax obligations. With the launch of this service, we are hoping to do our bit in the rolling back of the mortality rate of small businesses in South Africa”. 

“The launch of the Orlando East branch in Soweto – the 52nd SARS branch in South Africa – is further evidence of our commitment to expand our service footprint throughout the country. Our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for taxpayers to interact with us,” added Commissioner Moyane.

Information packs of small business material as well as specialised service will be offered at the Small Business Desks, providing a one-stop shop for those with small business queries. Small business queries such as business registrations, requests for tax clearance certificates and general business tax issues will be dealt with at these desks.

Taxpayers will also benefit from ‘mobile registration’, a tool introduced by SARS that will assist with on-the-spot business registration, making it easier for small businesses to comply with their tax obligations. “Ultimately, these efforts form part of our strategy to segment our services to taxpayers, and follows other specialised offerings such as a dedicated unit dealing with Tax Practitioners and a Tax Exemption Unit in Pretoria,” continued Commissioner Moyane.

Since the desks were set-up at the Orlando East branch several months ago, an average of 50 people with small business queries visit the branch each day, with over 2000 general walk-in queries per week.

SARS has already rolled out 138 small business desks to 50 of the 52 branches nationwide. We are pleased to announce that SARS plans to add more desks in the current and upcoming financial years following the resoundingly positive feedback and demand received via an independent small business taxpayers’ survey recently conducted.