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Innovation as a driver for sustainable development: UNDP’s Innovation Facility publishes its Year in Review Report

19 May 2015 In Tonga, participants explore alternative futures with a focus on climate change at a foresight workshop supported by the UNDP Innovation Facility. New York – Today, UNDP’s Innovation Facility launched its Annual Review for 2014, showing why innovation is becoming increasingly important in international development and for UNDP itself. It describes UNDP’s

Antarctica’s ice shelf disintegrating, accelerating sea level rise

Coastal resilienceAntarctica’s ice shelf disintegrating, accelerating sea level rise Published 20 May 2015 Ice shelves are the gatekeepers for glaciers flowing from Antarctica toward the ocean. Without them, glacial ice enters the ocean faster and accelerates the pace of global sea level rise. A new NASA study finds the last remaining section of Antarctica’s Larsen

Arms Control and International Security: Missile Defense and the U.S. Response to the North Korean Ballistic Missile and WMD Threat

As prepared Introduction Thank you so much for that warm introduction. It is a pleasure to speak at this ICAS Symposium today and to return to Capitol Hill where I began my career just across the street on the Senate side. Twenty years ago, I worked as a staffer for the then junior Senator from

Press Releases: On the Ongoing Discussions with Cuba to Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations And Reopen Embassies

MODERATOR: Thanks very much, Operator, and thanks to everyone for calling in today. And we’re grateful to have with us a senior State Department official who can talk about the talks with Cuba that are coming up later this week. And so for everyone’s information, this call will be on background – no names or