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South Sudan: Peace deal paves way for functioning democracy


2 Sep 2015 Listen / People in conflict-affected areas of South Sudan collect food from WFP. Photo: WFP/Peter Testuzza The peace deal signed at the end of August in South Sudan will allow the nation to focus on development, according to a senior government official. Manasseh Magok Rundial, Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly, was

UN agency and MasterCard join forces to support refugees and small-scale farmers

2 September 2015 – Residents at the Kakuma refugee camp in north-western Kenya will soon be able to buy charcoal produced in an environmentally-friendly way by local farmers as part of an innovative new alliance between the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and MasterCard to support small farmers and poor families. “FAO is

Press Releases: Remarks on Nuclear Agreement With Iran

Dick, thank you so much for a generous introduction. I’ll say more about it, but I want to say good morning to all of you here. It is great for me to be able to be here in Philadelphia. I am delighted to see so many young people with us. I know school has started

Refugees Vs. Migrants? The Word Choice Matters

What’s in a name? That is a question journalists, politicians and policymakers are asking themselves in addressing the Mediterranean refugee crisis. Although the terms “refugee” and “migrant” are often used interchangeably, the terms have very different meanings and attach different rights and responsibilities. As a result, it is important to understand what we are talking