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Press Releases: Background Briefing on the United States Refugee Admissions Program

MODERATOR: Thank you, Justin. Thanks to everyone for joining us this afternoon. In light of the news, obviously, we’ve all been following closely out of Europe with the refugee situation over the past couple of weeks, we thought it was advantageous to put together a call for all of you on background with a senior

Daily Press Briefings : Daily Press Briefing – September 9, 2015

1:05 p.m. EDT MR KIRBY: Hello, everybody. Front row’s empty today, huh? Couple things at the top. QUESTION: It’s the humidity. MR KIRBY: What’s that? QUESTION: It’s the humidity. MR KIRBY: (Laughter.) Couple of things at the top here, so bear with me. First, I know you all saw the Secretary’s schedule that he was

UN health agency warns Ebola outbreak in West Africa has ‘a very nasty sting in its tail’

9 September 2015 – The United Nations health agency’s special envoy on Ebola response today said the outbreak in West Africa has a “very nasty sting in its tail,” but projected that the goal of zero transmission in the human population remains “very possible within 2015.” Dr. Bruce Aylward, Special Representative on Ebola Response for

How the EU’s refugee plan stacks up

A pregnant Somali woman is helped onto an MSF boat after being rescued at sea on 23 August OXFORD, 9 September 2015 (IRIN) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for “bold, concerted action” to manage Europe’s refugee crisis during his State of the Union address today and outlined a raft of measures that member