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Fayyad: Sectarian specificities shackle anticorruption attempts

NNA – Sectarian specificities, shackle anti-corruption attempts, Hizbullah parliamentarian Ali Fayyad exclaimed at a high school graduation ceremony of party pupils in Tallousa-South Lebanon today. As rampant corruption pervades the Lebanese Body Politic, it is quite normal for people to come out against it in a relentless jihad against widespread corruption, the deputy added. As

Mousawi: Aoun eligible for restoring proper…

NNA – Michel Aoun, who enjoys a wide popular base of support, is solely eligible for restoring proper (Christian) rights, Hizbullah parliamentarian Nawwaf Mousawi, told a group of graduating party pupils in Baflay Huseiniyya mosque-South Lebanon today. The interior minister’s blueprint for fighting ISIL is pretty much acceptable to our party and all factions should

Tuesday, September 2015

Time Topic 12:00 UAE ambassador to Lebanon Hamad Shamisi, seeing separately & consecutively: Economy minister Alain Hakeem, Information minister Ramzi Jreij and NNA Directress Laure Sleiman 10:00 Newly-appointed head of La Sagesse University Rev. Khalil Shalfoun receiving well-wishers at the University’s main reception Hall Furn Chebbak 10:00 Central Bank Governor Riyad Salameh seeing Iraqi counterpart