Daily Archives: September 15, 2015

Press Releases: Remarks with Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo y Marfil

SECRETARY KERRY: Hello, everybody. Good afternoon, all. I’m delighted to welcome my friend and counterpart, the distinguished Foreign Minister of Spain, Jose Garcia-Margallo. And we have just come from a very positive, constructive meeting at the White House with His Majesty Felipe and President Obama. We didn’t do any – just – no translation? Okay.

Press Releases: International Day of Democracy

We pause today to reflect on and celebrate democracy and the free and open debate it entails. We celebrate democracy not because it is easy or perfect, for it is obviously neither of those things. We celebrate democracy because it is rooted in the will of the people, and, as such, does a better job

Opening Up Markets For Rural Family Agriculture

Family farming includes all family-based agricultural activities, and it is linked to several areas of rural development. (Photo: WFP/Milton Pantoja) Based on its national experience, the Government of Brazil has been promoting since 2014 in Colombia a project on family farming to boost small producers’ associations and break the gaps in access to markets, linking these

The Battle of Britain: Fighting for Freedom

September 15, 2015 Waged from July to October 1940, The Battle of Britain pitted a small group of Allied fighter pilots against a far larger German air force – the Luftwaffe. Their victory gave hope to the people of Great Britain and to other freedom-loving nations. The Battle of Britain was recognized immediately as significant