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Sport and Recreation South Africa appoints Ministerial Committees of Inquiry

Appointment of Ministerial Committees of Inquiry

Into alleged issues of governance and non-compliance in relation to SASCOC (SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee); and

Into the FNB Stadium tragedy, 29.07.2017


DM, DG officials of Sport and Recreation South Africa

Members of the media

Ladies and gentlemen

It is no secret that these two committees of inquiry were in the pipeline. Today I am officially announcing the terms of reference which will guide the work of these committees which are appointed in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999) and its Treasury Regulations read with section 13(5) (a) of the National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998 (Act No. 110 of 1998 as amended), which authorises the Minister to intervene in any dispute, alleged mismanagement or any other related matter.

The full terms of reference will be made available to the media. Let me just highlight some of the issues:

First, in relation to the: Ministerial Committee of Inquiry to investigate alleged board related governance issues and non-adherence to SASCOC’s constitution that impact negatively on SASCOC and sport in general:

This comes in response to numerous and serious allegations � some in the media, others directed to my office �from individual Board members, national federations and aggrieved individuals � allegations of poor governance, financial mismanagement and non-adherence to the SASCOC constitution � and the failure of the SASCOC Board to respond adequately to these allegations.

In the light of these serious allegations I have decided to appoint a Committee of Inquiry � consisting of a retired judge, 2 additional membersand a Team leader for leading evidence � all with experience in the field of constitutional matters, governance and administration to investigate, make findings, report on and make recommendations in relation to the mentioned Board related governance issues and alleged non-adherence to the Constitution of SASCOC. Such serious allegations have to be tested by an independent inquiry.

Fundamentally, the issue here is this: that the integrity of our national sports structures must always be above reproach � to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders � athletes, officials, sponsors and the fans. This is also critical to ensuring efficient and effective governance � which is a necessary foundation for our goals of development and transformation.

The retired Judge to chair the SASCOC Committee of Inquiry and the two assistants will be announced in due course.

Second, in relation to the: Ministerial Committee of Inquiry to investigate facts and events that led to the death and injury of spectators at a soccer match between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs on 29 July 2017 at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg

The safety of fans must always be a priority. It cannot be that loyal fans go out to enjoy a day of sport only for tragedy to befall them. The bare facts are known to all of you: the stampede that occurred at the Chiefs – Pirates game at FNB Stadium on 29th July 2017 resulted in two deaths, two fans critically injured and a further 19 � including a child � receiving minor injuries. This can never be acceptable � hence the need for an Inquiry.

I am aware that the PSL is to hold its own investigation � and we welcome that. But this is a very serious matter where government has to take the lead � by appointing an independent committee of inquiry. It is also government that can implement legislative and regulatory measures that any findings and recommendations may require.

Given the sensitivity of this matter I do not want to say much or speculate on possible causes at this stage, save to outline some of the areas to be reviewed and investigated:

Stadium design � we are informed that the 2010 stadia were world-class in term of safety features. The Inquiry will need to interrogate this.

Government legislation – the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No. 2 of 2010) � also based on international best practice and the findings of the Ngoepe inquiry into the Ellis Park tragedy � will need to be reviewed in response to any findings by the Committee of Inquiry. The Inquiry will also seek to determine whether the law was contravened. I need to make the point that any such violations uncovered by the Inquiry will automatically be referred by the Chairperson of the Inquiry to the NPA for prosecution.

Most importantly, the Inquiry will also look at the effectiveness of operational planning and procedures and make findings and recommendations accordingly.

The Ministerial Committee of Inquiry will consist of a retired judge, 2 additional members and a team leader for leading evidence – all with appropriate experience to investigate and report to the Minister of Sport and Recreation South Africa on the reasons which resulted in the death and injury of spectators at the soccer match at the FNB Stadium on 29 July 2017.

The actual appointments to the committees of inquiry are still in process, but I can announce the following names have been confirmed for the Inquiry into the FNB incident:

The Committee of Inquiry to investigate the FNB matter will be chaired by Judge Ronald Pillay and two other member to be announced in due course.

The terms of reference require that both committees of inquiry report back to the Minister of Sport and Recreation within one month of their appointment.

Thank you.

Source: Government of South Africa

MEC Dan Plato on state of Urban Safety Report

Urban Safety Report: Urgent resourcing of SAPS required

The State of Urban Safety Report released today should be a wakeup call for national police management.

The finding of a 40% increase in the murder rate in Cape Town in the last 5 years is in line with our own analyses of crime stats trends.

A clear trend emerges from these stats: the majority of violent crime in Cape Town occurs within 10 policing precincts � representing just 7% of all precincts in the province.

There is a direct link between the high rates of crime and the lack of policing resources in these precincts. We agree with the report’s assertion that greater visible policing and enforcement of laws can help address violence and crime.

Urgent intervention is required from national SAPS to properly resource the police, if we are to collectively stem the tide against violent crime in the country and the Western Cape.

Recent reports indicate the exact opposite intention from SAPS: that national police management are planning to cut police numbers by almost 3000 in the coming years. Historically, 85% of police stations in the Province are considered under resourced.

President Jacob Zuma’s early 2016 promise of specialised gang, gun and drug units, has also not materialised. In fact, senior Hawks officials recently admitted in parliament that they have failed to make any arrests, convictions or confiscations relating to illegal firearms in the Western Cape.

As part of my oversight mandate over policing in the province, I will place the lack of policing resources, as well as the Urban Safety Report, on the upcoming MINMEC agenda � the forum where National Police Minister Fikile Mbalula meets all 9 MEC’s.

The police remain the constitutionally mandated authority to prevent, combat and investigate crime, maintain public order, and protect the inhabitants of the Republic and their property.

The City of Cape Town’s Metro police and law enforcement capacities, despite the good work they are doing to assist the police, can never replace the responsibility that SAPS has to serve our communities.

The Department of Community Safety in the Western Cape is also playing our part through our oversight mandate and the provincial Community Safety Act.

Working within our mandate, our Department:

Has legislated our support to both CPFs and NHWs in the province and has accredited more than 70 NHW structures since October last year;

Launched community based policing programmes such as the more than 50 Walking Busses in communities;

Focussed our education and information outreaches on vulnerable groups such as women and children;

Continues to run formalised youth programmes through our Chrysalis Academy and Youth Safety and Religion Partnership (YSRP) programmes;

Is taking the lead in our Alcohol Harms Reduction Game Changer to help address one of the biggest root causes of too many cases of interpersonal violence and abuse.

We can achieve so much more with a properly resourced SAPS. The people of the Western Cape now need the national police management to step up, intervene and assure all of us that they are as committed to improving the lived safety realities in this province.

Source: Government of South Africa

Department welcomes undertaking to save jobs at Tegeta

The Department of Mineral Resources has welcomed the undertaking to save employees’ jobs in the sale of Tegeta Exploration and Resources.The department said it has been duly informed by Oakbay Investments of the effective sale of its Tegeta Exploration…

Department welcomes undertaking to save jobs at Tegeta

The Department of Mineral Resources has welcomed the undertaking to save employees’ jobs in the sale of Tegeta Exploration and Resources.The department said it has been duly informed by Oakbay Investments of the effective sale of its Tegeta Exploration…