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FG- International Fruit Genetics Company Combats Intellectual Property Infringement

IFG Breeds the Most Popular Grapes in the World

International Fruit Genetics (IFG®) breeds some of the most popular grape varieties in the worl

Celestial Events Liven Up Sky This Week

If life on Earth has become tedious with coronavirus restrictions, celestial activity this week promises some excitement. In addition to an o…

Police bust drug dealer with mandrax tablets worth more than R160 000

Police in Namaqua Cluster confiscated mandrax tablets worth more than R160 000. Suspected drug dealers aged 58, 49 and 39 were apprehended dur…

Business burglars nabbed with house breaking implements

DURBAN – Last night, the police officers from Durban Central SAPS together with Metro police responded to a complaint of a burglary in-progres…