28 April a Special School Holiday

The Department of Basic Education has reminded parents, guardians and school communities in general that Friday, 28 April 2023, is a Special School Holiday.

In a statement on Wednesday, the department said that leaners are not expected to be in school on the day.

“It is notable that Thursday 27 April 2023 is a Public Holiday. The Department of Basic Education in agreement with its stakeholders made a decision to allow teachers and leaners a Special School Holiday on Friday, 28 April, the day after 27 April (Human Rights Day),” the department said.

The department reminded South Africans that 27 April and 1 May (Workers’ Day) are historical days that should and must remind the nation, of a history we dare not forget as South Africans, while looking forward to a new dawn.

“We therefore, as the Department of Basic Education, encourage the teaching and engagement of learners from as early an age as possible, to be taught about the history of our beautiful country,” the department said.

Source: South African Government News Agency