A male suspect arrested in East London

A 37-year-old male suspect was arrested after he was found with ten live sheep.

At approximately 04:30 East London Crime Centre members was patrolling in Quigney when they spotted a suspicious vehicle parked outside the hotel in Quigney. As the van stopped two male suspects jumped out of the vehicle.

The members gave chase and called for backup. East London Crime Prevention members responded and the crime Centre members managed to arrest a 37-year-old male suspect.

Upon searching the vehicle the members found five sheep on the back seat of the vehicle and five in the boot.

The suspect was arrested and will be detained for Possession of suspected stolen stock.

The vehicle that was utilised to commit crime was taken to camp 13 for further investigation. Stock theft unit has been summoned to the scene and the suspect will appear in the East London Magistrate court on 2021-06-14.

Source: South African Police Service