A Tribute to Danny Schechter [analysis]

Danny Schechter, ‘The News Dissector’, died of cancer in Manhattan last Thursday. This filmmaker, media critic, radio presenter, author and television producer also wore another hat – anti-Apartheid activist. KIM HARRISBERG worked with him on his final project in New York City before his death.

I first met Danny Schechter at Union Station in Washington DC. I was fresh out of journalism school and was waiting for him with a giant green backpack slung on my shoulders as crowds rushed off in every direction. In contrast, he had been in the industry for over 50 years, and had a a href=”http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiDanny_Schechter” target=”_blank”Wikipedia pagea that made me slightly intimidated. He shuffled over with his grey hair pointing in every direction, his big glasses smudged and slightly lopsided his smile wide. He lifted his jacket above his head to try to slip his arms into the sleeves, and quarters spilled forth from his pockets, showering him in a golden hail storm, coins encircling him like ripples in a pool.

I had impulsively booked a flight to come and work with Danny as a researcher on his final documentary series, America’s Surveillance State, after a mutual contact had put us in touch. “Look, we have …

Source : Daily Maverick