Algeria – South Africa – "Full Convergence" in Positions On Key Bilateral and International Issues

Algeria and South Africa confirmed Wednesday that the “full convergence” in their positions and their political analysis on key bilateral, regional and international issues.

Presidents Bouteflika and Zuma reiterated, for this purpose, their “common commitment to maintain the tradition of dialogue that drives the two countries,” said a joint communiqué issued at the end of South African President Jacob Zuma state visit to Algeria, at the invitation of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

They also stressedthat the visit “reflects the interest of both heads of state to enhance traditional friendship, solidarity and cooperation between the two countries and expresses their common will to consolidate their strategic partnership, thus reflecting the aspiration of the Algerian and south African peoples.”

The two leaders noted “with satisfaction” the recommendations adopted and the results achieved within the sixth session of the Algerian-South African High Binational Cooperation commission.

This meeting offered the opportunity for the two countries to “review the state of bilateral cooperation in several areas

and confirm their determination to further strengthen the partnership through various bilateral cooperation mechanisms.”

The two presidents revealed the existence of “many opportunities” for cooperation in various fields, including sciences and

technology, higher education, energy, mining, arts and culture, tourism, public works, trade and investment.