Alleged fraudster and murderer remanded in custody

Today, 27 February 2018, 51-year-old Jaco Leon Jordan has appeared at the Secunda Magistrate’s Court facing charges of fraud.

According to information at police disposal, is that Jordan would lure people who have retired to invest half of their pension money into his ponzi scheme. He, under false pretext promised them that they will receive their money being doubled to what they invested. When the agreed time came for the people to receive their pay-outs with interest as promised, Jordan was nowhere to be found and subsequently cases of fraud were opened against him.

In the process of investigation, the police in Mpumalanga ultimately then discovered that Jordan was arrested and attending court at Gauteng on similar cases and that is when they went to arrest him so that he can answer for his unlawful deeds in the province. According to information, Jordan apparently defrauded people an amount of over R100 million in the province, especially in Secunda and Kriel.

Police are again calling on people not to invest their money in ponzi schemes because it makes them to become victims such as these we are dealing with. So anyone who had fallen prey to this man, Jordan, is requested to contact Sergeant Tlou Morifi at 076 691 1761.

The Provincial Commissioner of the police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma said people should refrain from investing money with people they do not understand. Banks and reputable investment companies are available that people can do their investments with.

In a separate incident, a 32-year-old man, Thokozani Msibi who was arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl as well as a one year three months old baby boy, appeared today at the Witbank Magistrate’s Court.

During his appearance, Msibi was facing two counts of kidnapping and a murder of the boy. He is also expected to face another charge of murder for the girl at Culinan, where her remains (the girl) were found.

Msibi has been remanded in custody until Tuesday, 06 March 2018, pending a formal bail application.

Source: South African Police Service