Parliament, The Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture has today put forward 15 names of the candidates who they believe are suitable to serve on the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB).

The committee had received 69 applications which, after thorough scrutiny, were shortlisted to 25. Twenty-four candidates were put through the committee’s rigorous interview process, and one candidate withdrew his application.

Committee Chairperson, Ms Xoliswa Tom, said the candidates who were interviewed are of high calibre and have a full understanding of the organisation’s mandate of, among other things, promoting and creating conditions for the development and use of all official languages.

She said the committee had taken into consideration the number of challenges experienced in the organisation � and had a clear understanding of the qualities and professional backgrounds that candidates need to possess to take on this enormous responsibility. The committee looked beyond the language expertise and also considered candidates who have legal and financial backgrounds who will be able to assist the organisation to deal with the many financial and legal challenges that it currently faces.

The committee will today, in terms of section 5(3)(b)(iii) of the Pan South African Language Board Act 59 of 1995, recommend that the National Assembly adopt the selected nominees to be considered by the Minister responsible for Arts and Culture for the appointment to PanSALB.

Source: Parliament