Basic Education Committee Commends DBE on Three-stream Model

Parliament The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education has commended the Department of Basic Education (DBE) for implementing the three-stream model in the South Africa curriculum.

Committee Chairperson Ms Nomalungelo Gina said the committee is looking forward to seeing its implementation in the education system. We are excited about the plan of inclusivity in attempting to give each learner a chance, she said.

The committee received a progress update and plan on the three-stream model and the fourth industrial revolution. The Director-General in the DBE, Mr Mathanzima Mweli, told the committee that the various parts of the education system should work together, allowing learners to take different routes to learning.

The committee heard that South Africa is currently overwhelmingly focused on the academic pathway, to the detriment of technical vocational and technical occupational opportunities. South Africa is pushing learners towards universities at rates that exceed international trends. The DBE said the differentiated model attempts to prepare learners for the global world.

The objectives of the three-stream model are, among other things, to implement a curriculum that will meet the diverse needs of South Africa’s youth, to promote skills acquisition and empower creativity. The challenge is teachers’ teaching and assessment skills. We are already working with SACE [the South African College of Educators] and universities, as they are the ones training teachers to address these matters, said Mr Mweli.

The committee heard that certain provinces have seen an increase in learners taking particular subjects to ensure that they continue to obtain top positions in the National Senior Certificate examinations.

Ms Gina said: One matter stands out. The challenge of teaching and the need to invest. We have a vision, which is good, but if we do not sort out the quality of teaching, it remains a challenge. Ms Gina said the committee welcomed the DBE’s engagement with the Department of Higher Education to address these challenges.

The committee welcomed the three-model initiative, but cautioned for consideration regarding the readiness of teachers and communities affected by the programme.

Source: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa