Capricorn Foundation donates to Women at Work’s hospitality course

The Capricorn Foundation recently contributed N.dollars 350 000 to Women at Work’s second intake graduation event, which saw eight students graduating after completing an eight-week hospitality course.

In a media statement issued on Friday, Capricorn Foundation Coordinator Veripura Muukua stated that the mission of Women at Work is to be the catalyst for change in the lives of unemployed Namibian women by providing high-quality basic skills training and facilitating suitable, stable employment through its employment bureau.

“The Capricorn Foundation is excited to make a difference in the lives of these ladies by helping them with the opportunity to improve their skills and a chance in the job market. This is also contributing to reducing the Namibian unemployment rate and promoting economic advancement,” she said.

She explained that the foundation contributes to the hospitality course, which is available to young people who have not completed their education and consequently find it difficult to find employment.

The course consists of four components: life skills, cleaning skills, laundry skills, and cooking skills. Students spend six weeks at the training centre doing practicals and theory, followed by two weeks in an internship.

Muukua said students must achieve a 60 per cent pass rate in the examinations.

According to Women at Work General Manager, Pat Sivertsen, eight of the nine students from the first intake this year are already employed.

“This just goes to highlight the impact that Women at Work has on communities and its role in combating poverty and unemployment in Namibia,” he said.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency