Children’s Day: NGO tasks government on increased investment in education

De Norsemen Kclub International (DNKI), an international humanitarian organisation, has urged government at all levels to invest more in education in order to groom children to become responsible citizens.

Chidi Anokwu, International President, DNKI, made this advocacy at the Northern Directorate 2024 Children’s Day celebration held at the Government Secondary School (GSS), Kantoma in Suleja, Niger.

According to him, the future of a nation depends on the type of training its children receive.

‘Children are the future of tomorrow; without the children, we have no hope; without the children, there is no future for this nation; the children are our hope and they are very important to us.

‘Government should do more on education; Nigeria as a country is lacking behind and we should actually improve our facilities and education funding.

‘We are not there yet; we need to do more,’Anokwu said.

On his part, Oliver Ityobegh, Chairman, National Advisory Council (NAC), DNKI, said that the major objectives of the or
ganisation were to render service to humanity and raise men and women of honour.

He said that in the area of the children, the organisation worldwide provided scholarship, textbooks and amenities in schools in all its branches globally.

‘It is important that we provide easy way for the children to learn and encourage parents to send their children to school.

‘Let us set good examples and encourage our young ones to look up to us and see that it pays to serve.

‘We want them to grow up and become responsible citizens to the country and to their families,’ he said.

Ityobegh also appealed to government to make education accessible and attainable for all.

The Chairman, DNKI, Abuja Chapter, Mr Kolawole Otepola, said that the Northern part of Nigeria was classified as an educational disadvantage area; hence, the need to give back to the society to nurture children into responsible adults.

‘We still have other programmes for the north; like the security agencies, we have plans for them; it is not just on educa
tion alone,’ he said.

Otepola said DNKI would in December, organise a programme to give patrol vehicles to Nigerian Police to boost security in the north.

Convener/Director, Northern Liaison, DNKI, Jegede Femi-Daniels, said the organisation aimed to eradicate high rate of illiteracy in the north.

DNKI is an NGO that conducts humanitarian services with the aim of giving back the society.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria