Collaboration between law enforcement agencies leads to the arrest of suspects involved in truck hijackings

PARKTOWN – A team of law enforcement agencies arrested three suspects a few minutes after they allegedly hijacked a truck and forced the driver into the getaway car on the R21 highway in Olifantsfontein on Wednesday, 14 September 2022.
It is reported that a member of Tracker Connect, Investigation department was driving on the R21 freeway, near Lyttleton, when he witnessed the hijacking in progress. The member called for backup from the police in Olifantsfontein, SAPS Pretoria K9, Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department, Tracker Connect, BadBoyz Security, Protea Coin Chopper and ICB-Insurance Crime Bureau. The whole team chased after the suspects who were driving the hijacked truck, a white Honda Ballade and another foreign vehicle used as getaway cars. Seeing that the team was right behind them, the suspects abandoned the truck on the R21.
The white Honda which had sped to the R25 road, came to a standstill on a gravel road. Three suspects tried to flee on foot but the team members managed to arrest them. The driver of the truck was rescued after being kept hostage in the suspects’ vehicle.
The truck was found with the load still intact. The suspects are expected to appear before the local Magistrates’ Court in due course, facing charges of truck hijacking, kidnapping and possession of a suspected hijacked truck.

Source: South African Police Service