Consultations by OSCE Special Representative Angelo Gnaedinger in Tbilisi, Sukhumi, Tskhinvali and Moscow

VIENNA, 6 March 2015 – In view of the next round of the Geneva International Discussions which is scheduled for 17-18 March, the co-chairs held consultations with participants in Tbilisi, Sukhumi, Tskhinvali and Moscow. Ambassador Angelo Gnaedinger, the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office for the South Caucasus, visited Tskhinvali, Sukhumi and Tbilisi from 16-20 February and Moscow on 5 March together with his fellow co-chairs, EU Special Representative Herbert Salber and UN Representative Antti Turunen.
OSCE Special Representative Gnaedinger expressed his hope that the next Geneva meeting would be characterized by the same pragmatic spirit which had prevailed in the December round and welcomed the launching of some small projects on cultural heritage and public health agreed among participants in 2014. The co-chairs used the opportunity of their trip to visit several schools in the Gali district and to meet representatives of the European Union Monitoring Mission, the International Committee of the Red Cross and UN, members of the diplomatic community as well as representatives of civil society.