Correctional Services on escape of offender at Barberton

The Department of Correctional Services, working with the South Africa Police Services (SAPS) has launched a man hunt following an escaped of an offender from Barberton Santa Hospital, where he was sent for intensive medical treatment. The offender, a 43 year old Rhapael Kanyamazane from Giyani in Limpopo, reportedly cut off his leg irons that were also cuffed to his hospital bed and escaped in the early hours (04:30) of 19 October 2016. He was serving 22 years for Rhino poaching related criminal offences including trespassing at Kruger National Park.

The department has launched an investigation into the escape incident, which is expected to leave no stone unturned, as the offender was guarded by two correctional officials. The two officials that were assigned to guard the offender have been contemplated for suspension whilst the preliminary investigation continues. Correctional Services and SAPS have sent an appeal to everyone to assist with any information that could lead to the re-arrest of offender Kanyamazane.

The public is advised to immediately contact their nearest police station and never attempt to institute a citizen’s arrest as the offender is regarded as dangerous. A photo of the offender is also circulated to assist the law enforcement agencies and the citizens to identify this escapee and help to bring them to face the full might of the law.

Although the escape rate is low, at 0.04% of the 161 000 inmates per year with a rearrests rate of 80%, the department remains concerned about any escape and continues to strive towards the ideal standard of zero escapes.

Source: Government of South Africa