Cosatu Northern Cape PEC Statement [document]

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the Northern Cape held a meeting of the Provincial Executive Committee from 24 to 25 March 2015 at the Horseshoe Motel in Kimberley. The meeting, which was attended by the leadership of affiliates and delegates from the different locals across the length and breadth of the province, took the following resolutions:


The PEC noted that this year marks the 21st Anniversary of our democratic government, the commitments made by the ANC in the January 8 Statement in recognition of the 60th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter and the 30th Anniversary of out giant federation. We therefore resolved as follows:

– We congratulate the ANC on hosting successful 103rd Anniversary Celebrations both nationally and in the province

– The PEC calls on our government to intensify and accelerate service delivery. We reject any attempts to centralise procurement to the national government as we view this as having a potential of further delaying service delivery and centralising corruption

– Government must intensify service delivery through the intensification of the fight against corruption

– Workers in the Northern Cape mourn the untimely passing away of the former Provincial Treasurer of the ANC, Cde Yolanda Botha and other leaders of the alliance such as Cde David Kgware, Obakeng Kgoronyane, Comrade Sammy Ntidisang, Cde Collins Chabane and others

– We welcome the recent repatriation of the mortal remains of the martyrs of our revolution Uncle JB Marks and Malume Moses Kotane

– We call on the ANC to take harsher measures against councillors who allow municipal officials to plunge municipalities into crises as a result of corrupt activities

– We support workers, especially SAMWU members and members of our communities who rise and protest against failing municipalities in demand of service delivery however we condemn all acts of destruction of government property as counterproductive actions that seek to set our communities back

– The federation is concerned at the absence of political programmes, especially in Frances Baardt Region in the wake of a concerted counter revolutionary onslaught by the DA and EFF

– We congratulate the provincial government on hosting successful Human Rights Day, Celebrations in all 5 districts and call for programmes to educate communities about all significant historical days over and above celebrations

– The PEC supports demands for the removal of the statues of colonial masters like Cecil John Rhodes and call on Sol Plaatjie Municipality to act voluntarily before they are forced to

– We congratulate SANCO and the SACP on hosting successful Provincial Congresses in September 2014 and March 2015 respectively. We welcome the newly elected leaders and commit to work together with them in building a ger alliance

– The PEC wishes the ANC well in their forthcoming PGC in June and call on all the delegates to use that PCG as a platform to build further on the unity and cohesion of the organisation.


– The PEC of the Northern Cape does not doubt the ability of our leadership to resolve the current challenges facing the federation

– All affiliates are called upon to focus fully or membership service and recruitment in the province

– We will convene an urgent meeting with the workers and community members who are alleged to be occupying the land belonging to Kumba in Sishen

– The PEC recommits itself to the strategic vision of the 2015 Plan in building a g, vibrant and campaigning federation

– We congratulate the former Provincial Chairperson of SADTU on his appointment as a manager in the office of the Major at John Taolo Gaetsewe Municipality

– The federation is committed to fight tirelessly in defence of the exploited workers especially in the solar energy projects and security industry

– The federation supports all the workers who are facing retrenchments, especially in the mines and will intensify out fight against labour brokers

– COSATU Northern Cape will host out Provincial Congress on 10-12 July 2015 in Kuruman


– The PEC condemns the recent announcement by Eskom to increase electricity prices and call on all municipalities especially Sol Plaatjie, whose tariffs are already ridiculously high, to ignore this call in the interest of service delivery

– We demand a moratorium on the sale of land by municipalities until a thorough land audit in the province is conducted

– COSATU condemns the developing trend of outsourcing by municipalities and call for the intervention of COGHSTA to stop this as it is a threat to decent jobs

– We condemn the usage of police force against peaceful and unarmed municipal workers protesting for their money which is stolen by the municipality officials in Magareng Municipality

– We demand the removal of that municipal manager for he has failed to give strategic leadership and guide the municipality into financial viability

– The MEC of COGHSTA must set up a team to investigate all municipalities in the province for similar acts of corruption where money for benefits is deducted from the workers but not paid over to the institutions concerned as we believe that it exists in many other municipalities

– We condemn the emerging trend of municipal officials outsourcing cleaning services to themselves and their friends and call on the department of COGHSTA to instruct them to stop

– COSATU is concerned at the chronic shortage of staff in the public service, especially in health. We are making a call for the second time to the Director General of the province to provide us with data on the vacant and funded posts

– We will convene an urgent meeting of the Provincial JMC to discuss a strategy to force the provincial government to fill all vacant and funded posts

– The PEC noted the recent attacks by the Freedom Front on the Department of Health in their campaigns to rubbish out public health system in favour of the private health. We condemn that behaviour and call on the people of the province especially in Kuruman to ignore their racist stunts

– We condemn all forms of discriminations, especially racism in schools and call on Department of Education and SAPS to act decisively against such

– COSATU commends and congratulates all workers who have been elected in the recent SGB elections and call on all other workers to follow suit in the remaining elections

– The federation will host May Day rallies in all five regions and the details will be communicated soon


– The PEC recommits ourselves to international worker solidarity

– We congratulate all newly elected presidents in the SDC region

– COSATU Northern Cape is deeply disappointed at the stinking attitude of SAFA ignoring our calls for the isolation of Swaziland by continuing to organise friendly games between South Africa and repressive Swaziland

– We call on the South African Government to put pressure on Mswati to democratise Swaziland through total sanctions

Source : Congress of South African Trade Unions