Cosatu NW to Picket Aurora Directors’ Court Case

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the NW is reminding the Aurora directors and their friends that the date of their court case is coming soon we will be meeting right in the eyes of the judge on the first day of the hearing tomorrow, 23rd March 2015 in the Gauteng high court.

The Aurora directors and their friends have been trying since last year to get a chance to run away from this case. They have tried to get the judge to postpone the case that they knew many years ago will come to court.

We are reminding them that come the 23rd to the 27th the court must make a ruling to allow the poor exploited workers to rest and close the matter. Poor mine workers are waiting for this court to make a ruling which will affect their lives and that of their children who have not been able to go school due to brutal abuse by Aurora directors.

We will be there in court with workers who have been abused and exploited by Aurora directors for many years, picketing right in front of the high court next week Monday 23rd March 2015 from 10am and we will do the same on the last day of the court on the 27th March 2015 when the judgment is made by the high court.

We call on all COSATU affiliates and the alliance to give solidarity support to those poor workers and assist them with food. Workers are dying, they cannot get any chronic medication, no food, no water. We are asking for help to those poor workers.

Source : Congress of South African Trade Unions