Cricket – Mustafa Kamal’s Resignation Won’t Matter to the ICC [analysis]

Bangladesh’s Mustafa Kamal has thrown his toys out of the cot and resigned from his ICC presidential post. This comes on the back of many threats to reveal bad things about the men in charge of world sport. For now, his threats remain idle and the ICC couldn’t care less.

Another day, another drama in cricket. This time, it involves the ICC president, Mustafa Kamal, who announced on Wednesday that he would be resigning from his post. This decision came on the back of Kamal saying he had been prevented from presenting the Cricket World Cup trophy after claiming one of the matches was fixed.

Kamal, who is from Bangladesh, said that he had been ordered to apologise after suggesting that the result in the World Cup quarterfinal, where Bangladesh faced India, had been “pre-arranged”. He took particular issue with the umpiring in the match and said, at the time, that there was “no quality in the umpiring”. It earned him a rebuke from the ICC chief executive, David Richardson.

One issue which seemingly irked Kamal was when Rohit Sharma was out, but earned a reprieve after the umpires had ruled that the delivery which dismissed him…

Source : Daily Maverick