Crime levels in South Africa have stabilised but perceptions that crime is increasing still persist, according to a new report issued here by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA).

“The crime levels show that crime has stabilised, it is moving in a path where it has stabilised. The perceptions are that crime has indeed increased; 43 per cent of people believe that crime has increased and 38 per cent believe that it has gone down and about 12 per cent feel that it is staying the same,” Statistician General Pali Lehohla said Wednesday.

He said this when releasing the results of the Victims of Crime Survey for 2014/15, which states that the levels of crime in the country have stabilised but that South African perceptions are that crimes are increasing.

The report which looks at assault, sexual offense and murder within South African communities is based on a sample size of approximately 30.000 households and covers people 16 years and above. According to the report, murder at (95.7 per cent) was the most reported to the police followed by sexual offenses (63 per cent) and assaults (55.1 per cent).

Lehohla said 37 per cent of people did not report sexual offenses because they felt it wasn’t serious enough. Other reasons given were that the police could do nothing and that it was inappropriate for police to be involved.

In addition, 45 per cent of people did not report assault, while only 4.3 per cent of murder cases were not reported.

Lehohla said that in most cases perpetrators of crime are people who are known to their respective communities.

As for sexual offenses, which refer to an unwanted sexual act or contact or communication with unwanted sexual attention, the data showed that four in ten sexual offences which occurred in 2014/15 were at home while 25 per cent happened outdoors.