Del Col: We are implementing #1701 by suppo…

NNA – UNIFIL Western Sector Commander in South Lebanon, General Stefano Del Col, said Sunday that “the UNIFIL is implementing the various contents of UN Decision #1701 through providing military support to the Lebanese Army, monitoring the cessation of hostilities and ensuring the country’s restoration of its democratic path.”

Del Col’s words came during a meeting by various military, religious, civil and media dignitaries in southern Lebanon, organized by the Italian contingent operating within UNIFIL, held in the town of Qlayla in the district of Tyre.

Del Col considered that “the peacekeeping operations remains one of the most successful mechanisms created by the international community to help countries passing through difficult periods of transition from war to peace.” He described it as “a flexible mechanism using a variety of means, including both political and security ways, the outcome of which is usually of a high degree of clarity and transparency,” he noted.

“Through our work, we seek to achieve security and stability and contribute to the establishment of peace and the restoration of the country’s democratic path,” added Del Col.

“We are always working with an eye to maintain impartiality, professionalism and integrity, through full respect for the customs, traditions, beliefs and culture of all citizens,” he concluded.

It is to note that the meeting was attended by the Financial Official in charge of overseeing all civil-military cooperation projects in the Joint Special Operations Command in Rome, Colonel Danto Nuo; Lebanese Army Fifth Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Afif Saleh; Army Intelligence Official in charge of Tyre region, Brigadier Hmayid; Imam Moussa al-Sadr Foundation Head, Rabab Sadr; Tyre’s Municipalities Union Head, Abdul Mohsen al-Husseini, in addition to various mayors in the region and social dignitaries.”

The meeting was followed by a luncheon held in honor of attending guests.

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