Deputy Minister Barbara Thomson to handover Newcastle Buyback and Play Parks Project

The Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, Ms Barbara Thomson, will officially hand over a Waste Buyback Centre and Recreational Play Parks to the Newcastle Community at the Osizweni Community Hall, Newcastle KwaZulu-Natal, on Wednesday 02 November 2016.

The Department of Environmental Affairs, through its Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programme has funded the two projects in the Newcastle Local Municipality to the tunes of R19 million. The implementation of these projects created 240 job opportunities to the members of the local communities. The Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Programme is part of the Department’s Extended Public Works Programme.

Despite a total estimated value of R25 billion to the South African economy, the current rate of waste recycling has not been maximized. The buyback facility will assist the Municipality to address the challenge of waste management and promote waste recycling in the area. The facility will help stimulate diversion of recyclable waste from landfill sites, thereby creating economic opportunities for waste collectors. The four community recreational parks have been built to benefit disadvantaged area, with a focus on sustainable development in the greening and open space management areas.

The implementation of these projects provided beneficiaries with training opportunities in various fields including occupational health and safety, as well as personal financial management. These skills will assist beneficiaries to become employable elsewhere in the future.

Source: Department of Environmental Affairs