Deputy Minister Mahlobo leads Water and Sanitation delegation and Umgeni Water to Netherlands, 5 to 9 Sept

Deputy Minister David Mahlobo will lead an eleven-member delegation of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and Umgeni Water officials that includes the Chairperson Ms Gabsie Mathenjwa. The delegation will visit The Hague Academy and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education to enhance bilateral engagements, and to also undertake benchmarking activities with the institutions between 05-09 September 2022.

In its five-year corporate plan 2022 – 2027, Umgeni Water has a vision to form a world class Learning Academy.

Ms Gabsie Mathenjwa said the plan’s targets are founded on the long-term aspirations as articulated in Umgeni Water’s strategy which commits to the following:

• In 2030, South Africa needs to be served by a set of sufficient, financially sound, and well governed state-owned enterprises that address the country’s developmental objectives

• By 2030, all South Africans have affordable access to sufficient safe water and hygienic sanitation to live healthy and dignified lives

• By 2050, Umgeni Water will be a Global Leader in the sustainable provision of water and related services

“Umgeni Water has recognised the need to have collaborative efforts with leading institutions that will enable it to achieve these aspirations and targets. Our travel to the Netherlands, as led by Deputy Minister Mahlobo, will be beneficial in terms of understanding the critical components of establishing a Learning Academy, identifying business models and processes for sustainability, as well as entering into partnership agreements with leading world class institutions in this field”, said Ms Mathenjwa.

The Hague Academy assists municipalities around the world with democracy and water governance, capacity building and training. The Academy mostly trains civil servants, municipalities, state-owned entities, and the NGO’s.

The IHE-DELFT institution is an Institute for Water Education and is the largest international graduate water education knowledge centre on water infrastructure, technology, and sciences. It attracts high-level students and scientists from around the globe, and offers approximately 80 courses which focus on education, research, and capacity building.

Source: Government of South Africa