Deputy Minister Thabang Makwetla on pension payout to Military Veterans

We are at the point where the rollout is commencing, thanks to the extensive work that the department has done thus far. This is as a result the intervention of the Presidential Task Team (PTT) as announced by the President, this intervention comes as a result of the Military Veterans Act of 2011 which was passed by Parliament, but due to budget constraints this could not be implemented however through the intervention of the President, this can now be rolled out.

The discussion by the PTT on this problem also revealed the challenge that the military veterans which were in the statutory forces pre-1994 mainly in the TBVC states armies has challenges with regards to some of their pension payouts. Due to this realization, Minister of finance was tasked to look into this matter so as to address the challenges that all other civil servants experienced with regards to their payouts.

The Government Pension Administration Agency has put in place the machinery to rollout this pension and the machinery includes the infrastructure for military veterans that will ensure that application processes will be smooth. They have provided the capacity for the processing of applications and designing of the recourse for those who may not be happy with the decisions that may be taken with regards to their applications.

We are here to inform the community of military veterans that as of freedom day this year (27 April 2023), the military veterans can now start the application processes for the pension payout.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the beneficiaries of this pension for their patience and understanding.

Source: Government of South Africa