Dominique Siby: Success – The Story of a Gabonese Child

MIAMI, Sept. 7, 2015 / PRNewswire — Intent on finishing his education and doing business, Dominique Siby, born in Libreville, Gabon, decides to leave everything behind and go try his luck in the land of Uncle Sam. He begins by settling in Paris, France, where he successfully completes his French high school diploma.

In 2001, he arrives on American soil with a head full of dreams. To achieve his objectives, he pursues a brilliant education at the prestigious Florida International University and graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Dominique then decides to develop his own brand of luxury leather goods to honor the memory of his dear father – Felix Siby, former Minister of the Merchant Marines, responsible for port equipment under the government of Omar Bongo. He creates a brand that combines class and modernity, today’s keywords for FELIO SIBY, now well-established in the United States.

Following his graduation, Dominique decides to remain in Miami, Florida where he truly finds his place and feels very much at home. He starts by selling cars, but finds it is not enough for him. A true businessman, he always seeks to pursue his father’s dream. As soon as he has the opportunity, he embarks on the adventure of creating FELIO SIBY, and starts his very first collection of luxury leather goods for men. Ambitious and eager to meet strong demand, he launches a ready-to-wear line and shoes for both men and women, which is a resounding success.

The success story of this Gabonese child, today CEO and Designer, continues after launching the Premier Boutique FELIO SIBY last May, located in the prestigious Miami Design District which has become the standard for luxury and ultra-fashion, the future “Beverly Hills” where he joins other luxury brands though Dominique does not see them as competitors. There is only one word to describe his ultra-luxury pieces: Unique – totally handmade by highly skilled craftsmen from Italy and the United States. These garments feature the most noble materials:  crocodile from the Nile, cashmere, python, bull shoulder, ostrich, carbon fiber, which can be customized upon request by very selective customers. These special items may include diamonds, gold, silver… all to satisfy one’s wildest desires.