East London police request public assistance in solving a murder case

EASTERN CAPE – East London police are requesting the help of the public in solving a case where a 48-year-old woman was brutally murdered in East London on 04 July 2019. Her body was found with serious head injuries and covered in a brown towel at North End, near St Poles and Park Street.
It is alleged that the deceased went out to enjoy herself with a female friend where she got accustomed to a male stranger who displayed affectionate interest to her. Her friend is alleged to have left her with the man he was enjoying a company with at Natalies Tarven. She was last seen with this man on 3 July 2019. Her body was discovered on the 4 July 2020 and she succumbed to her wounds on the way to the hospital
Police are urging anyone who has knowledge of the man in the picture or can help trace his location as he is believed that he is key and can be a critical link that can help solve this unresolved murder mystery. All leads and evidence had been followed since 2019 to try to trace this man in an attempt to solve this murder case and all efforts have reached a dead end.
Anyone who has information that can help identify and locate the man in the picture is urged to kindly share information with the Investigating Officers, Sgt Nolwazi Nazo cell 082 402 0789/ 043 707 0646 or Captain Sheperd Ndingaye at East London on 076 424 7503/ 043 707 0638.
All correspondence will be treated in the most confidential sense.

Source: South African Police Service