Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner praises SAPS Baviaanskloof officers who assisted in delivering baby

KING WILLIAM’S TOWN – The primary function of police officers are to prevent and combat crime as well as ensure public safety, however police officers often encounter situations that are beyond their scope of expertise.
On Wednesday morning, 27 May 2020 at about 01:40, the acting Station Commander of SAPS Baviaanskloof, Warrant Officer Heidi Kroutz received a call that a pregnant woman, Raymene de Villiers (22) from a farm in Baviaanskloof was bleeding. W/O Kroutz called the ambulance services in Willowmore but was informed that both the ambulances were out. She then contacted the Community Service Centre and informed them to advise the family to take the woman to hospital with their private transport.
However, at 03:30 she was again informed that the woman was experiencing labour pains. The ambulance service was still unavailable. As a concerned police officer, she decided to go to the Community Service Centre to make alternate further arrangements for medical assistance. She was then informed that an ambulance will be despatched to the farm. As this is a rural area and the time was certainly a major factor at this time, W/O Kroutz, knowing that it is about 87 kms from Willowmore decided to personally go out to the farm. She was accompanied by Cst Goodwill Brandt from the Community Service Centre.
On arrival at the house she found the heavily pregnant woman on the bed writhing in pain and another older lady sitting on another bed. She examined the pregnant woman and found that she was in advanced labour. She knew that she must act and prepare herself to deliver the baby who was ready to enter the world not a minute later. The contractions were severe and been a mother herself, W/O Kroutz knew it’s time for delivery. As this was the woman’s first child, W/O Kroutz managed to calm the woman and guided her through every step of the delivery while at the same time encouraging her. What seemed liked hours were forgotten when the tiny screams were heard just as the paramedics arrived. They just separated the mother and baby by cutting the umbilical cord. The brave and exhausted Warrant Officer cleaned and wrapped the baby girl before handing her to the paramedics who took mom and baby to the hospital. Due to a perfect delivery, they were discharged the following day.
“The actions of these members is a true reflection of altruism. W/O Kroutz and Const Brandt sacrificed their time and didn’t think of themselves instead they put the welfare of others before their own. Their actions are commendable and I am proud and honoured to have such dedicated members in this Province who never hesitates to help in any situation and will even go beyond their call of duty. These young officers maintained a calm composure and helped bring a beautiful child into the world. Congratulations on a job well done,’ lauded the Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga.

Source: South African Police Service

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