Ebola "sting in tail" shows need for vigilance into 2016

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WHO’s Dr Bruce Aylward said he is concerned that fewer cases of Ebola translates into fewer resources to eradicate it. Photo: UNMEER/Simon Ruf

The Ebola outbreak in west Africa has a “nasty sting in its tail” which is going to require the international community’s ongoing help in 2016 if it’s to be beaten, a top UN health expert said Wednesday.

The warning, by the World Health Organization’s Dr Bruce Aylward, comes despite a huge drop in the number of new cases of infection of the killer virus, which has claimed the lives of more than 11,300 people to date.

Expectations are that Ebola will be contained by the end of the year, but WHO’s Dr Aylward tells Daniel Johnson, the international community still needs to be on hand to provide help rapidly to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in the event of a new outbreak.

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