eFiling credit push

Top Tip: Where you selected “Cancel”, the payment will now be under “Payments – General Unpaid”.ORNavigate to “Additional Payment – Create Additional Payment” in the left hand menu under Returns. Select the tax type you wish to pay, and complete the details, as needed.Click “Make Payment” to proceed or “Save Payment” to come back at a later stage and complete the payment.Click “OK” to continue or to save the payment.Top Tip: Where you selected “Save Payment”, the payment will now be under “Payments – General Unpaid”.ORNavigate to “Payments – General Unpaid” in the left hand menu under ReturnsA list of outstanding payments will appear.Select the payment(s) you want to processClick “Make electronic payment”.Top Tip: If you select “Manual Payments” this means you will not processing a payment through eFiling but will use a different channel, e.g. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), etc.You will be directed to the Payment Details page, where you will need to select the account from which you would like to make the payment and the payment request date, e.g. when the payment should be made.Top Tip: ABSA direct payments may only be made and authorised on the same day. Should you not authorise the payment on the same day it will expire.The Confirm Payment Initiation page will be displayed. Please confirm the details you have captured are correct. Click “Confirm” to continue. Selecting “Cancel” will cancel the transaction.Your payment details will appear, click “OK” to continue.The Payment Initiation Result page will be displayed, which provides a summary of the payment transaction and tells you, your payment request has been successfully submitted to your bank for authorisation. An error message will appear should any banking information be incorrect. Click “Print Confirmation”, to print a copy of the transaction details for your records.Click “Print”Click “Continue” to proceed.The Payment History page will be displayed. The credit push payment status will be indicated as “Awaiting Authorisation”.You will now be required to logon to your banking profile, to authorise the payment to SARS, or cancel the transaction, if necessary.