Electoral Commission hosts Research Seminar aimed at Safeguarding Democracy in the Age of Growing Mistrust, 21 Sept

The Electoral Commission invites members of the media to a Research Seminar, themed: Safeguarding Electoral Democracy in the Age of Growing Mistrust.
Between 2009 to 2021, the Electoral Commission commissioned numerous election-related surveys to gauge levels of public perceptions and trends in the attitudes and interests of South African voters in electoral democracy and voting.
These studies were conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC).
The HSRC was recently commissioned by the Electoral Commission to undertake an analysis of the long-term trends in all the election-related surveys conducted to date.
These findings will now be presented at a seminar, intended to create a dialogue between the Electoral Commission, its partners and stakeholders to reflect on the broader implications of the findings not only for the work of the institution, but for the future of South Africa’s electoral democracy.

Source: Government of South Africa