Elliot K9 Unit members apprehend suspects with stolen goods

ELLIOT – On Thursday, 25 July 2019, a series of arrests have been made during an operation conducted in Gqaqala A/A and Cicira (in Ugie) A/A by the members of the K9 Unit. During three separate incidents, Sergeant Ntshanka and Sergeant Futho followed up on information relating to stolen property in both areas.

The K9 Unit members managed to recover a television, hidden under the suspect’s bed, in Gqaqala A/A. The suspect was subsequently arrested for possession of stolen property. In the second incident, the members proceeded to Cicira A/A with information stating that the suspect in this incident was in possession of stolen goods. The members recovered a television, generator, and fridge, and the suspect was arrested for possession of stolen property.

The third incident the members attended led to the apprehension of a wanted suspect, in Gqaqala. The K9 Unit followed up on information of the whereabouts of the wanted suspect, who was sought for housebreaking and theft. During the operation, the members apprehended the suspect while he was sleeping in his room. The suspect has been positively identified by the complainant.

The three suspects are being remanded in custody in Ugie, awaiting their court appearances, respectively. Elliot Cluster Commander, Colonel Matshidiso Gezani, commends the K9 Unit for swift reaction in following up on information received, and recovering stolen property.

Source: South African Police Service