EU and Oxfam launch "EUsaveLIVES-You save lives"

Every 4 seconds a person in the world is forced to flee their home. Today, 51.2 million people are deprived of a home, a family and a job, due to the intensification of conflicts. It is the highest number of refugees and displaced people since World War II. To survive, every one of them needs humanitarian aid.
Despite its gravity, this situation often remains invisible to the wider world. The EU and Oxfam have joined forces in the international awareness raising campaign “EUsaveLIVES-You save lives”, so that  millions of people from Syria, Central African Republic and South Sudan – who are in the middle of a forced exile – will not be forgotten.
“EUsaveLIVES-You save lives” tells the story of three conflicts which have led to significant increases in Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees over the last few years. Today there are as many as 11.4 million in Syria; 2 million in South Sudan and 860 000 in the Central African Republic.
The campaign will give a voice to those affected, showing the human side of these crises. It will help amplify the voice so that millions of people are made aware of the reality of everyday life in refugee camps and host communities.
Behind every number and every statistic, there is a story to tell.
This is the case for Sahra, 35, who fled Syria with her three children and her husband and found shelter in the Shabreeha refugee camp in southern Lebanon. On their way out from her country, she and her children were forced to leave all their belongings behind. They arrived to the camp only with the clothes they were wearing. In the camp there are no bullets or bombs, but many people do not have enough to eat.
“EUsaveLIVES-You save lives” is supported by a large group of celebrities from music, culture, journalism and television. They want to help draw attention to the plight of millions of refugees in the world.
Some of the celebrities are singers Miguel Bosé and Sole Giménez, actors Alex Gadea and Carlos Latre, fashion celebrity Judith Masco, and writers and journalists Ramon Lobo, Olga Rodriguez, Camilla Baresani, Diamond D’Alessio, Beatrice Masini, Ettore Mo, Francesca Paci and Valeria Parrella.
The EU and Oxfam have been working in camps and host communities in the three crises providing water, sanitation, hygiene kits, food, seeds, shelter, access to medicine, legal support and educational programs. Sahra and her family are an example among millions of people who have survived thanks to humanitarian aid.
The campaign will run in ten European countries:  Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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