Falha: Mediamen were partners in victory, liberation

NNA – Mediamen wielded their pencils in the service of the country; they were also partners to victory and liberation, Director-General of the ministry of Information Hassan Falha, exclaimed during Anwar Khalil’s honoring of Hasbayya-based media representatives today.

Taking the word, Falha said he cherished all those women and men who wrote in the service of all diverse citizens bordering on Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

Also listing long southern Lebanese suffering meted to the southerners at the hands of the Israeli occupier, he criticized negligence by successive governments and vowed that total liberation would eventually come thanks to our national unity, as he said. Also speaking about need for a balanced development of the south, the senior ministry official thanked Anwar Khalil for the extra care he’d bestowed upon the local population he concluded.


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