Film and Publication Board hosts media dialogue on culture and classification guidelines, 18 Sept

In the recent South African film, Inxeba (The Wound), an unapologetic and fearless gay city boy journeys from boyhood to manhood while at initiation school in rural Eastern Cape, depicting vivid imagery of Xhosa culture and norms. The classification of this film caused a media storm and was often incorrectly reported as having been censored by the Film and Publications Board (FPB).

FPB is not a censorship agency � rather it provides consumer advisories on harmful content or what may be perceived to be harmful content, especially as it relates to the protection of our children.

Through the review of its classification guideline project, FPB provide South Africans with a voice to shape the next generation of guidelines.

FPB invites media to a dialogue to enrich the discussion and debate on Culture, as it reviews its classification guidelines.

Source: Government of South Africa