Gauteng Roads and Transport urges operators to convert permits to operating licenses

Transport operators urged to convert permits to operating licenses

Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, has appealed to all public transport operators to convert previously-issued, radius-based permits to route-based operating licenses.

The conversion process is a legislative requirement regulated by Section 47(2) of the National Land Transport Act and Sections 7 and 14 of Regulation 1208.

The old permits must be converted to operating licenses, said Vadi.

It must be noted that operating licenses will only be issued to operators who were previously issued with permits to operate within the public transport sector. This process is not applicable to new operating license applications, he explained.

The appeal forms part of a response to issues raised in the 2016 Report by the Ad-hoc Committee of Inquiry into Taxi Permits and Operating Licences in the Gauteng provincial legislature, which highlighted, inter-alia, the following matters linked to taxi conflicts:

Taxi violence between associations or owners fighting for commuter routes;

Illegal taxi operations;

Illegal acquisition of permits and licenses;

Unregistered associations; and

Unaudited taxi routes.

Through this conversion process the Department is empowered to verify and audit various routes by associations. This ensures operators and associations conduct operations on allocated and registered routes in accordance with conditions stipulated on operating licenses.

In its previous appeal to operators in 2016, the Department was able to convert and issue over 6300 operating licenses to various public transport applicants.

For conversions operators are required to submit the following:

Completed application form (Form 1B) obtainable at TOLAB offices;

ID copy/company registration certificate (CC);

Letter of appointment for persons submitting applications for companies;

Letter from association confirming membership (applicable to mini-bus taxi mode)

Original tax clearance certificate from SARS;

Original permit or certified copy/affidavit in the case of lost permits;

Vehicle certificates of fitness (CoF) and roadworthiness;

Vehicle certificate of registration (CoR); and

Fee of R300.00 per application (cash or bank-guaranteed cheques).

Source: Government of South Africa