Gauteng SAPS policing New Year celebrations

As communities are closer to the celebrations of New Year, law enforcement agencies in Gauteng will pay special attention to all issues of safety and make communities to feel safe and celebrate without any fear of criminal activity. There will be high level of deployment at all hot spot areas like Berea, Hillbrow, Johannesburg Central, Sunnyside, Yeoville, Riverfront in Sedibeng and around major dams in the Province. Several operations will be targeting:

Offences relating to the violations of Liquor Act including illegal shebeens and drinking in public

Removing of dangerous weapons especially knives and other sharp objects

Illegal firearms

Drug dealers and users

Stolen goods

Traffic offences and drinking and driving

At the same time police are appealing to the law abiding citizens who might be affected by these disruptive operations to be patient and co-operate with law enforcement agencies. Stop and search operations, road blocks and road closures will form part of these operations. Metropolitan police will also be paying special attention to all by- laws and traffic offences. Emergency services and police will also be out in full force to assist with minor and major emergencies. Communities who find themselves in these situations should call emergency numbers including police’s 10111 centre to get help. We promise a quick response.

Any drunken behaviour along river fronts and dams will not be tolerated. We are appealing to people who are not sober not to come near the water as they may place themselves and other people at danger. Police Divers and other Emergency Services are already patrolling in these areas.

At the same time police are warning communities not to abuse the police emergency number 10111 because the time spent on prank calls, is the time police would have someone’s life or have provided much needed services to the community.

Source: South African Police Service