Hartswater K9 Unit close down another counterfeit factory worth two million goods within months

In July 2018 the Hartswater K9 Unit closed down a counterfeit factory that was illegally producing food products, which included instant yeast, baking powder, seasoning spices and manufacturing sanitary towels and shoe polish.

On Thursday, 28 February 2019, Hartswater K9 Unit, once again, in a joint operation with Brand experts pounced on two suspects aged 41 and 42 after they were found busy packaging counterfeited yeast. The Hartswater K9 unit received information regarding illegal packaging and distribution of counterfeited yeast into the market from Hartswater.

Upon investigation and search on the premises of the suspect, high quality machinery which are instrumental in packaging and branding of counterfeit yeast products were found inside an operational storage room. Police confiscated counterfeit yeast worth R2 million including packaging and branding machinery.

Among the suspects, one was arrested in July 2018, for the similar offence in Hartswater. He was released on bail.

The South African Police Management condemned these kinds of illegal operations, where counterfeit goods are being produced and distributed. The illegal production and distribution of counterfeit good does not only endanger the health of the citizen, but continue to cripple the economy of the country.

Both suspects are set to appear before the Hartswater Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 04 March 2019 on charges of possession, manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit goods.

Source: South African Police Service