Heavy rainstorm destroys homes in Oshikoto and Ohangwena regions

OSHAKATI: Some residents in the Oshikoto and Ohangwena regions, were left in dire need after heavy rainstorms ripped through their areas, and destroyed their homes on Saturday evening.

According to councillor Ferdinand Shifidi of Endola constituency on Sunday, heavy storms coupled with rain and wind affected approximately 200 houses in Onepandaulo village, in the Ohangwena region, where the roofs of most structures were ripped off. No one was harmed.

‘Those affected are now left in dire need of assistance and we are waiting for advise on the way forward from the regional governor’s office,’ he said.

Shifidi noted that his office currently has no funds to assist the affected communities, but will do a full assessment and take the matter up with the office of the governor for further intervention.

Meanwhile, Iikokola village headman I-Ben Nashandi told this news agency that the storm uprooted homes, schools and trees, a situation which left the residents in the Oshikoto region in dire need of assistance.

It is currently unknown how many houses were destroyed, as a proper assessment will be conducted,’ he said and cautioned residents to refrain from touching or moving electrical infrastructures that are damaged, as they pose a danger.

He expressed solidarity with all the affected residents and called on fellow citizens to assist with the speedy reconstruction of the area, as the damages to the properties are extensive.

No injuries were recorded.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency