House robbery suspect busted within 48 hours

On 06 Wednesday 2021 at approximately 05:00, a house robbery was reported at Fochville police precinct whereby victims were allegedly stabbed and brutally assaulted. The suspects fled the scene with the victim’s firearm, laptop and various items.

A preliminary investigation led to the arrest of the suspect within 48 hours of the incident. The 28-year-old suspect was found in possession of the alleged stolen firearm, laptops and other items which he could not account for.

He was arrested and is expected to appear before court soon on charges of house robbery.

The public is advised to adhere to the following safety tips in order to minimise chances of being victims;

*Ensure that your garden, driveway and back yard is clear and with sufficient light.

* If possible please install burglars on your windows and doors and have an alarm system that is connected to an arm response.

*Know your neighbours as they are close by and can help during any emergence.

*Make provisions for good lighting outside and always remember to switch it off during the day as it attract the attention of the criminals.

*You can also use whistles to alert the neighbours of any emergency.

*Remain calm during a robbery and give your full cooperation. Life is worth more than any property.

Members of community are further encouraged to report any criminal activities to their nearest Police station or call the SAPS Crime Stop line 08600 10111, or use MySAPSApp that can be downloaded on any smartphone. All information received will be strictly confidential and people can remain anonymous.

Source: South African Police Service

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