Hydrology expert

JOB REFERENCE: ICPAC/Hydrology expert /2015Location: ICPAC, Nairobi, KenyaJob Title: HydrologistGrade: Project staff, IGAD P3Accountable to: Director, ICPACDuration: 1 Year contract (12 months) with possibility of renewal
1.0 Introduction
The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) is a specialized Institution of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD). The mission of ICPAC is to provide climate information, prediction and timely early warning for applications in support of environmental management, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development in the Horn of Africa. ICPAC plays a central role in addressing the objectives and goals of IGAD Drought Disaster Resilience and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI) mainly in respect to Multi-hazard early warning (MH-EW) and Disaster risk Management (DRM). ICPAC extend its services to 4 main sectors and fulfil the recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization’s Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS): Water, Agriculture, Health and DRM.
ICPAC is implementing with the support of UNDP the project “Strengthening the Capacity of IGAD in Building resilience in the Horn of Africa”. The project is focused on the achievement of four key outputs: Strengthened capacity of IGAD to plan, implement and coordinate the drought Emergency activities; Make Available Drought Resilience and Disaster Risk Management related knowledge products, policies and systems; Development and Implementation of IGAD’s Resource mobilization and Partnership strategy to strengthen the Drought Resilience in the Region; Strengthened National Coordination Mechanisms of Member states for Drought Resilience.
In its effort to improve IGAD and National/Member States’ Human Resource Capacity for Building Drought Resilience, Conflict Prevention, and DRM, especially in addressing challenges associated climate risks in water resources, ICPAC wishes to engage a Hydrologist expert within the framework of this project
2.0 Overall Purpose
Provide expert services to ICPAC and UNDP project on all hydrological related activities as well as supporting related IGAD and other specialized institutions in support of Building Disaster Resilience capacity in the Horn of Africa.
3.0 Core Duties and Responsibilities
• Strengthen hydrological capacity required by the ICPAC, UNDP Project, and other IGAD specialized institutions to plan, implement and coordinate hydrological issues in Disaster Risk Management, Conflict Prevention activities, etc.;
• Support development and availability of hydrological knowledge products, services, polices and systems required by ICPAC and other IGAD specialized institutions, and UNDP Project for Disaster Resilience, Conflict Prevention, and Disaster Risk Management;
• Provide support for identification hydrological knowledge gaps, needs and priorities that should be integrated in the Development and implementation of IGAD’s resource mobilisation and partnership strategy to strengthen disaster resilience in the region;
• Strengthen National Coordination Mechanisms and develop hydrological products and services required for Disaster Resilience and Conflict Prevention;
• Support the enhancement of IGAD/ICPAC and specialized institutions hydrological Systems, Tools, and Processes for Drought Resilience, Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Conflict Prevention and general coordination for Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency;
• Develop and apply hydrological Modelling tools for Water resource management.
• Support on-the-job training on of hydrological knowledge, products and services required in support of  DRM;
• Co-ordinate the development of regional strategies for enhanced applications of climate products and services in water resources risks assessment and management;
• Provide impacts of observed climate conditions and forecasts on regional hydrological systems on decadal, monthly, seasonal time scales, and any other relevant time scales;
• Co-ordinate the collaboration with relevant institutions to generate downscaled tailored climate products, relevant hydrological applications including seasonal and other regional food security risks outlooks based on relevant climate outlooks and other related products including those required byRegional,national, and community level ICPAC Climate outlook process;
• Co-ordinate capacity building activities related to applications of climate products and services in hydrological risks assessment and management;
• Co-ordinate regional programs for improving hydrological observations and data base management.
• Support assessment and mapping of the impacts of climate change/ variability to hydrological potential to build scenarios for future adaptation and mitigation strategies;
• Co-ordinate development and use of climate information systems in hydrological management practices including decision support tools (Systems);
• Support development and implementation of DRM strategies with an integrated hydrological risk and technological knowledge, networking and sharing to support ICPAC/IGAD and UNDP project;
• Generate downscaled tailored climate products, relevant hydro meteorological applications including generation of large basins seasonal regional water risks outlooks based on seasonal climate outlooks and other related products.
• Provide technical input to the Hydro-climate related activities of the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) in support of IGAD’s Resilience Agenda.
• And any other related duties as may be assigned by ICPAC Director.
4.0 Minimum Qualifications and Experience
• At least a Master of Science Degree in Hydrology or related fields
• Five (5) years of working experience in hydrological applications and modelling
• Experience in water related Disaster Risk Management.
• Knowledge of on-going and planned regional Hydrological efforts
• Experience of working in East African context.
• Good knowledge of computer and GIS Application required to derive various hydrological products.
• Practical working experience with operational hydrological or related institutions
• Evidence of ability to coordinate and support partner institutions including operational meteorological and hydrological services, universities and user communities.
5.0 Key Skills and Competencies
• Good knowledge of the international hydrological issues and systems
• Knowledge of on-going and planned regional hydrological programmes
• Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
• Ability to prepare written reports in a clear, concise and meaningful manner
• Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment
• Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision
• Fluency in English
• Knowledge of French is an advantage
6.0 Salary
Competitive salary based on qualifications
7.0 How to apply
You are invited to submit your CV and motivation letter to ICPAC using below address not later than 17th March 2015, 23:00 (GMT+3). Specify the job reference in your application. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.
The Director,
IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC)
P. O .BOX 10304, 00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 203514426
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