International Women’s Day. Women’s self-defence as a strategy for empowerment. 4 March

Event date: 04 Mar 15 –

Prevention of violence against women and girls. At 13.00h an experienced feminist self-defence instructor will provide an introduction possibility for women who want to try out feminist self-defence at the EP Sports Centre. The workshop is for women with all abilities and from all ages and walks of life. For more information and to register contact:

04 Mar 15 –
13:00 — 18:00

Living lives free from gender-based violence –
Women’s self-defence as a strategy for empowerment and prevention of violence against women and girls
4 March 2015 at 15.00-18.30 Room A1G2
European Parliament, Brussels      
Opening by
Gabi Zimmer (GUE/NGL) president
First session: Feminist self-defence as tool to prevent violence against women and girls  
15.10 – 16.10
Moderated by Malin Björk MEP (Sweden, GUE/NGL Coordinator in the Committee on women’s rights and gender equality)
*Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues and founder of V-Day
* Karin Heisecke, Senior Project Manager, Ending Violence Against Women and Girls, World Future Council, the latest research
* Irene Zeilinger, Garance ASBL, Sociologist, Feminist self-defence trainer, Belgium  
*Exchange of views/Debate
Second session: Feminist self-defence in practice 
16.10 – 17.10
Angela Vallina MEP (Spain, GUE/NGL, Committee on women’s rights and gender equality)
*Hanna Cederin,  Feminist self-defence trainer, Sweden
* Lydia La Riviere-Zijdel Feminist self-defence trainer for women and girls with a disability, Netherlands
*Exchange of views/Debate
Third session: Feminist self-defence – Global movements
17.10 – 18.10
Moderated by Ines Zuber MEP (Portugal, GUE/NGL, Vice-chair in Committee on women’s rights and gender equality)
* Dhiviya, Feminist self-defence teacher, Coordinator of the South Asian network SANGATa, trainer in Wenlido (Women’s path of Strength) India
* Lina Khalifeh, Founder Shefighter, self-defence trainer for girls and women in Jordan
* Soraya Bahgat, Women’s rights activists, Founder of Tahrir Bodyguards, Egypt (tbc)
*Exchange of views/Debate
18.30 Cocktail
An introduction course to Feminist Self-Defence
will be held in the European Parliament´s Sports Centre
The same day 4/3/2015 13:00-15:00 
For Women Only! Limited places, First come, first served!
Registration already today by sending an e-mail to 

GUE/NGL press contact:  Gianfranco Battistini + 32 475 646628