IPC’s Omuthiya councillors instructed to abstain from council activities

OMUTHIYA: The Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) leadership has directed its councillors serving on the Omuthiya Town Council to refrain from participating in council activities from 08 November 2023 until further notice.

The decision follows the extended suspension of IPC representative Nghipundilo yaShiindi by Omuthiya Mayor Johannes Ndeutepo on 24 July 2023, for alleged misconduct related to unauthorised meetings with residents of an informal settlement on 02 July 2023.

IPC national general secretary Christine Aochamus in a statement on Thursday noted the party’s concern over the prolonged suspension of YaShiindi.

“Beata Josef and Moses Amukoto who serve on the town council as IPC councillors were restrained in accordance with a code of conduct for members of local authority councils,” stated Aochamus.

She clarified that IPC councillors are prohibited from engaging in any Omuthiya local authority council activities until a directive rescinding the restriction is issued. During this period, they are not authorised to represent the IPC in any council organ, or to perform council duties.

Aochamus further stated that the obligation of the party is to those who elected the party and whom the councillors are representing on behalf of IPC.

She cautioned that any member defying this directive and participating in Omuthiya local authority council activities would be subject to consequences outlined in the Local Authority Act 23 of 1992, possibly leading to expulsion from the IPC.

Contacted for comment, Omuthiya Town Council spokesperson Ottilie Shingenge stated that they had not received any communication from the IPC regarding the matter.

“We are not aware of this incident and we cannot pronounce ourselves on something that we only see on social media,” said Shingenge.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency