The High Court in Johannesburg has handed down 32 life sentences on Warren Troy-Knoop after the 40-year-old former car salesman pleaded guilty to 870 charges of child rape and distribution of child pornography.

He was arrested after officials found pornographic material, which he had shared online.

Judge Cassim Moosa said Monday that a strong message needed to be sent to like-minded individuals, that South African courts would not condemn such actions.

Knoop was ordered to take part in anger management and sexual offender classes to assist with his rehabilitation.

The accused was deprived access to his biological daughter after his wife found him viewing child pornography.

There are numerous other children. We were the only mothers who were willing to come forward, one of the women said.

The women said in their evidence that Knoop was a gentleman, kind and a provider when they were in a relationship with him, and his actions came as a shock to them.

National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokesperson Phindi Louw said: We entered the plea with the view with a sentence with reasonable prospect. We are glad that the court has confirmed that the plea was just.”

The Women and Men against Child Abuse group has welcomed the multiple sentences handed down on Monday to Troy-Knoop.

“Women and Men against Child Abuse are extremely pleased with the harsh sentence that was handed down today to Warren Knoop. We think the sentence handed down by judge Moosa today has sent a strong message out to men who want to commit these kind of crimes against children. We hope that in future will see particularly crime of pornography are taken very seriously,” said the founder of Women & Men against Child Abuse, Miranda Friedman.