Kumi Naidoo Demands Urgent Meeting With Minister of State Security Over Leaked Spy Tapes [press release]

In response to the Al Jazeera story regarding the South Korean government asking for information from the South African government about Kumi Naidoo ahead of the G20 summit in 2010, the executive director of Greenpeace International said:
It saddens me to learn that I am likely under scrutiny by intelligence services in South Africa. However, I take this as confirmation that politicians see the writing is on the wall: the environmental movement is winning the hearts and minds of the masses. If governments want to know what I think, they should save themselves the effort and embarrassment and look at the Greenpeace website and follow us on twitter and facebook where my activities are reported. They’ll discover we’re a peaceful and transparent organisation with millions of supporters worldwide that campaign for a sustainable, just and peaceful future.
We only pose a threat to government and corporations who are ready to sacrifice the welfare of the people to protect the interest of the fossil fuel (oil, coal and gas) industry. South African has veered backwards with its continued support for and investment in outdated and unsustainable technology like coal and nuclear power rather than embracing solar and wind energy with the necessary urgency and focus. The country is in crisis, we are faced with an unprecedented energy crisis while major social issues are still unaddressed, it is unacceptable that tax payer’s money is used to sponsor intelligence gathering on citizens of this country to protect the interest of the fossil fuel industry and nuclear lobby.
It would take at least 15 years for new nuclear projects to deliver electricity to the grid, which is far too little, far too late and comes at far too high a price. South Africans cannot afford to wait for another 15 – 20 years for nuclear projects to come online, when renewable energy investments can immediately resolve the country’s urgent energy problems
This is a very serious matter, which puts all South Africans at risk. The economy of this country is at risk. Greenpeace therefore demands more transparency in the nuclear process and an immediate halt to unnecessary intelligence gathering on civil society organisations. I will be sending an open letter to the presidency shortly on these issues.
I have so far sent a letter to the minister of state security requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the matter.
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