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What’s New? 
How can I submit data?
SARS is modernising its current platform for 3rd party data submission by enabling taxpayers to submit supporting data on the following channels:
Direct Data Flow Channel Guide (SARS Managed Data Transfer Platform). The new Direct Data Flow channel will be used for processing large volumes of data to give faster feedback to our users
e@syFile™ electronic submission
e@syFile™ disk submission at a SARS Branch
eFiling (limited volume only)
SARS Branch manual capturing (limited volume only). File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Currently large volumes of 3rd party data are submitted to SARS for the IRP5/IT3(a) and other 3rd party data types use FTP. This technology has certain volume and speed limitations.
The new Direct Data Flow Channel
The new Direct Data Flow Channel will use the Connect:Direct technology which must be purchased. For more info visit the IBM website.
Top Tip: If you’re using  Connect:Direct then you must have a security certificate to authenticate each file submission. You’ll also need to authorise the data submission to declare the accuracy of the data to SARS.
Data types for 3rd party submission
SARS is introducing two additional data types for 3rd party data submissions. More information about these two data types are provided below.